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  • Emily Bushel

Partner Spotlight – Selligent Marketing Cloud

We have deep expertise and trusted partnerships with some of today’s most innovative technology companies. Shaw/Scott is proud to feature our preferred partner, Selligent Marketing Cloud, in our Partner Spotlight Series.

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a highly integrated, AI-powered omnichannel marketing automation platform that enables ambitious B2C marketers to maximize every moment of interaction with today’s connected consumers. It also delivers ultra-personalized, highly relevant customer experiences across channels and devices, providing value swiftly and at scale.

“Our partnership empowers and provides increased value for marketers. By combining Selligent’s omnichannel expertise with Shaw/Scott’s innovative strategy, we enable our clients to execute the highest level of customer experience across a breadth of industry verticals. Together, we build impactful client relationships through creative collaboration, leveraging technology to enhance the customer experience.” – Walker Moriarty, Head of Partnerships, North America

To learn more about the partnership between Shaw/Scott and Selligent Marketing Cloud or discuss our services and solutions, please contact us.


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