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  • Zsuzsa Kecsmar

How Amazon Moments Raises the Bar Globally for Rewards Programs

If you are a marketer, you’ve probably heard about the launch of Amazon Moments, the company’s cross-platform, self-service marketing tool that allows businesses to effortlessly set up reward campaigns. However, it would do a disservice to the system to call it a full-fledged loyalty program or marketing framework that can be used to outsource your membership program.

What Is Amazon Moments?

At its core, Amazon Moments is a global reward fulfillment framework, similar to Tango Card. Imagine you own a game developer company and wish to increase the number of customers who download your app, as well as retain the attention of those who have already downloaded it. Through Amazon Moments, you can set up a custom goal, such as completing level 10, then assign a cool reward from the available list of digital and physical products. This could be a mobile skin, earphones or a mousepad, anything that resonates with your audience (and available in the portfolio of Amazon). Everyone who completes the challenge would receive the gift, and the shipping is handled by Amazon.

The biggest selling point of Amazon Moments is that its fulfillment capability extends to more than 100 countries.

More Opportunities for CRM Marketers to Reward Customers

In a way, Moments simplifies the notion of setting up a loyalty campaign to the level of ordering a pizza. It’s quick, easy, and CRM teams can handle implementation themselves; there’s no need to involve the IT team. Furthermore, people receive memorable gifts for interactions that aren’t tied directly to a purchase. So, for example, companies behind mobile games can extend the usage time of their app.

Amazon Moments also has the potential to introduce the wider public to more refined loyalty mechanics. Traditional earn and burn style campaigns were in the center of attention for too long, so it’s gratifying to see that Amazon has positioned itself at the other end of the fence by offering rewards that go beyond transactional incentives, making the experience worth remembering.

Still, not everything is sunshine and rainbows around this hot new service.

The Whole Loyalty Game Will Be Impacted

For starters, I cannot emphasize enough that simplicity is not equal to comprehensiveness. Amazon Moments provides the framework to deliver a great experience, but not the background knowledge to ensure it succeeds. Without understanding customer behavior and properly segmenting your target audience, you’re basically taking a gamble on whether or not your loyalty campaign will work. The system also lacks features people come to expect from an engaging loyalty program, like tiers, gamification elements and single customer view.

Amazon Moments resonates well with the idea of Recognition Loyalty: chiefly, the idea that you need to engage customers outside the buying cycle. However, it struggles to reward small incremental actions.

Speaking of pricing, the system uses a cost-per-action model. This is optimal as companies only pay a fee if the desired interactions have occurred, but at the same it would cost way too much to ship out physical rewards for smaller actions, such as product reviews, social media shares or adding info to a user profile.

Loyalty Features You Won’t Get with Amazon Moments

Amazon Moments isn’t perfect, yet it might give this industry the push it needs.

  • The public will be more aware of the power of loyalty programs

  • Smaller companies that previously lacked the fulfillment capabilities are now able to ‘do loyalty’

  • Online service providers can extend the lifetime of their active members by offering various incentives

  • Larger companies – especially luxury brands – won’t gain anything from Moments, but the presence of smaller competitors will be a motivating factor to seek out top-of-the-line loyalty solutions in order to differentiate themselves

This is just the tip of the iceberg, though, as the well goes much deeper on how Amazon Moments is affecting marketers in eCommerce and retail.

If you’re interested in rewarding customers in an up-to-date way, potentially even connecting with Amazon Moments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Shaw/Scott or visit the Antavo website to request a free mentoring session with our loyalty experts.


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