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  • Leigh de Klerk

Understanding and Using Customer Behaviour To Drive Loyalty

Marketing today is hardly as it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago, but one major rule that has always remained constant is: know your customer. As it turns out, this golden rule is a lot easier said than done. How exactly do we get to know our customers? How can we ensure they’ll return? Shaw/Scott explores these questions and more in our most recent webinar revolving entirely around understanding customer behaviours and influencing loyalty within your brand. Whether you’re running a small business or a Fortune 500 enterprise, you’ll want to see this comprehensive rundown presented by Strategy Director, Leigh de Klerk and Technical Director, Andy Thornhill.

Overview of Webinar

In this presentation, we take a look at how the marketing industry has evolved over time. We focus on understanding the core influencers of customer behaviour and how to utilise this data to deliver better customer experiences and drive exceptional customer loyalty. We explore strategies from everyone’s favourite brands—some of which include Virgin, Nike, and Patagonia. Finally, we look at a practical approach to progressing through the stages of a data maturity journey. This session will be loaded with examples and ideas to help fuel growth from both a strategic and technical standpoint.

Viewing Webinar

Watch the webinar by clicking here or watch below.

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