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  • Emily Bushell

Service Offering: Digital Marketing Platform Evaluation

Solution Overview

A comprehensive evaluation service combining consulting and a suite of tools to assist brands in selecting a new digital marketing platform.

/ We focus on understanding the business challenges, the current state of play and help to map these requirements and vision to a ‘go to market’ strategy for procuring a new solution.

/ From providing the tools needed to carry out comprehensive RFI and/or RFP stages to participation in product demonstrations and scoring.

/ Our consultants will hand hold the entire process to ensure the preferred technology not only delivers on the technical requirements and fits into the current marketing architecture, but also supports the long term vision and is fit for purpose for the marketing team themselves.

Who might need this?

A. Medium to Enterprise level organisations with a mature digital marketing suite.

B. Rapidly expanding brands that are quickly outgrowing a more basic toolkit.

Deliverables Overview

Stakeholder understanding

/ Discovery workshop and interviews to align on business requirements and strategic direction.

/ Briefing workshop with key stakeholders on the current state of the industry and key trends relevant to their business.

Technology assessment

/ Recommendations on the technologies to be considered based on the requirements, vision, skill set of resources and the current marketing stack.

/ A detailed set of custom requirements documented for the RFP.

/ An evaluation template and scorecard to measure each technology vendor.

Technical specification

/ A set of use cases specifically designed to the business needs to tailor product demonstrations.

/ Independent assessment on demonstrations and feedback on the vendors.

Technology consulting

/ Consulting retainer to support internal conversations and prepare stakeholders for demonstrations and scoring.

/ Consulting on platform adoption from both the technology and human resources perspectives.

Why Engage Shaw/Scott?

With over 8,000 marketing tools spanning a large surface area of functionality, choosing the right solution can be challenging and confusing. Not only is there significant cross over in functionality, vendors often exaggerate the capabilities of their products and focus on the technology rather that the strategic and business needs first. The process needs stakeholders to be aligned and onboard with change. It is a big decision requiring both time and financial investment. The wrong decision can be costly and highly disruptive to the business.

Shaw/Scott is highly experienced in the digital marketing space and has led large global brands through the evaluation process. We understand the marketplace and landscape better than most and can help businesses align teams and navigate challenges.


Evaluation Services start at £25,000 and vary depending on the size and complexity of the business and the number of vendors in the evaluation.

Platform evaluation

About Shaw/Scott

Over the past 10 years, our team of experts have helped leading brands understand and execute industry-leading CRM strategies. From independent technology evaluations to implementation and strategy, our specialists are committed to helping clients achieve dynamic, engaging, customer-first experiences.

Contact us at to learn more about how we can help your business to navigate the busy landscape of marketing technologies.

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