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  • Emily Bushel

Partner Spotlight – Exponea

We have deep expertise and trusted partnerships with some of today’s most innovative technology companies. Shaw/Scott is proud to feature our preferred partner, Exponea, in our Partner Spotlight Series.

Exponea is a next-generation Customer Data and Experience Platform built for marketers to increase revenue, strengthen customer loyalty and improve efficiency. The solution unites a single customer view, advanced analytics and omnichannel execution in a single solution. It enables businesses to understand customer behaviour and launch personalised campaigns for each individual customer through their preferred channels, even as the customer interacts with the brand in real-time. The moment customer data is captured and stored in the unified single customer view, you can immediately visualise and act on it in no time through a variety of built-in channels (web, email, web/mobile push, SMS). Exponea’s platform has been architected from the ground up, enabling the team to learn from the mistakes of legacy systems and build a truly plug-and-play, API driven platform which can interconnect processes and data silos in real-time. All this means a fast time to value and a visible impact on the bottom line within a matter of weeks.

"The Exponea/Scott partnership combines leading marketing services with next-generation marketing technology. Together we provide marketers with a competitive advantage to thrive in a fiercely competitive and increasingly challenging retail and eCommerce landscape, helping brands to create and optimize experiences for their customers. Our partnership helps clients to push the boundaries of integrated capabilities across customer data, analytics and campaign execution to unify teams, address key challenges and boost ROI." – Chris Williams, UK Partner Channel Manager

To learn more about the partnership between Shaw/Scott and Exponea or discuss our services and solutions, please contact us.


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