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  • Emily Bushell

Case Study: Benefit Cosmetics


By 2025, Benefit Cosmetics want to be a truly customer first organisation who offers seamless shopping experiences to ensure their customers are wowed and feel the love they deserve.

Following Benefit’s extensive digital transformation project which enabled them to better understand their customers, Shaw/Scott was brought on board to help develop their five-year customer centric marketing strategy harnessing this new capability and allowing them to implement strategies that deliver best in class customer experiences.

/ Background

Benefit Cosmetics engaged Shaw/Scott when their customer experiences were mostly isolated and marketing technologies siloed. Our seasoned consultants helped Benefit to select a new technology; Exponea that would support their vision, and offered the expertise to work alongside the team in shaping their first multichannel strategy and ensuring they would maximise the full potential of their new CDP.

/ Solution

The team at Shaw/Scott used a structured collaborative framework to support the production of a five-year marketing plan. This included defining new customer centric objectives and KPIs and identifying tangible tactics to help the brand achieve their goals around growth, retention and personalised automation.

/ Process

The process from discovery through to roadmap planning and subsequent execution was highly collaborative and the partnership continues to evolve with consultancy, integration support, analysis and continued strategic input.

The initial engagement focused on the key goals and KPIs and gave Benefit food for thought with the art of the possible using the new technology capabilities available. Shaw/ Scott then produced an extensive list of initiatives which fulfilled their goals and objectives but provided insight around the ease of implementation, the dependancies and a ROI estimate to determine the priority order for the roadmap plan.

For each initiative that was prioritised, Shaw/Scott developed a blueprint of the customer journey with objectives, testing methods, data flows and creative suggestions which provided the basis for set-up and measurement.

At the end of this initial phase, Shaw/Scott had produced a detailed strategy document aligned to their core brand vision, which provided Benefit with the essential plan to deliver cross channel CRM journeys using Exponea. This north star guide is a core focus and the recipe for success that keeps delivery on track.

/ Testimonial

“It’s been a pleasure working with the Shaw/Scott team who have been by our side since we started our evaluation of technologies. From the get-go, they have been committed to understanding our business and goals and have been instrumental in shaping our roadmap that will elevate the customer experience across digital channels. We needed a partner to work as an extension of our team both strategically and technically and help to build a strong foundation that would accelerate our success path once live on Exponea. They have not let me down and have delivered a cross channel product launch, a replenishment series and a suite of reporting dashboards in the initial months with post purchase, abandoned basket and browse initiatives underway. Their expertise and dedication has been truly invaluable and I am excited for our partnership to evolve and to ensure we are maximising the full power and capabilities of Exponea forwards.”

- CARLA RAVEN Senior CRM and Insights Manager, Benefit Cosmetics

/ Shaw/Scott's ongoing support

Shaw/Scott continues to be Benefit Cosmetics lead agency partner for CRM strategy and technical implementation. They collaborate weekly on the implementation of the roadmap whilst providing reporting and insights on performance along with general advice and guidance.

You can download a copy of this case study here. Stay tuned for further case studies on the performance of individual programs and initiatives within the overall marketing strategy.


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