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Helping you enable safe and convenient pickup for your customers

The events of 2020 have forced businesses of all kinds to quickly rethink the way they interact with customers.

Offering curbside pickup has become increasingly important over the last few months. This is especially true of retail and restaurant businesses. Customers continue to prioritize safety and convenience, and businesses’ survival often depends on meeting customer needs in new and different ways.

Shaw/Scott has developed an easy-to-implement, web-based curbside notification service that allows businesses to quickly set up curbside services.

Discover the streamlined way to implement curbside pickup:

/ Quick installation and simple training

/ Customizable to fit your business' needs

/ Simple, form-driven input for customers

/ Browser based—no tech resources required

Learn more about our curbside notification service

Download the guide today to get started. Questions? You can also email us directly.

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